Sanacoonpride Enoch Walked with God

Genesis 5:24  Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

"Enoch" is a shell cameo from Oxana Smith in Michigan (my own home state for 30 years). This is a lovely fellow in looks and in personality. He is truly a gem of a cat who we just adore.  Enoch loves everyone and if you hold and groom him, he will be your best friend! This gorgeous boy is presently 1 year old and already has a few litters born. He learned about girls a bit fast, but so far, he is being such an easy boy to keep, that we had let him loose with girls for (maybe) a bit long. Our next generation may have a lot of Enoch babies.

DNA testing: carrier PKDef, rest are all normal/negative

SIRE:      Lorek Narnia/FI                                                                                        DAM:  Lisa Don coon

Shaded silver                                                                                                           Red ticked tabby