Behold PP In the Beginning, "Eva"

Silver torbie poly paw and so beautiful in every single way!

This goofy girl is a very special girl but she has a very strong personality. She adores me most of the time but sometimes she complains when held. I have started calling her "Mouthy". She talks all the time and so we never know when she is in heat, or if she needs something or if she wants loving or what. Its our job to figure it out all the time. She even meows loud when she goes to the litterbox. She is a blast to own and we have high hopes for future babies. Hoping for kids from her and Denali, our most beloved silver stud male.


SIRE: HissyFit Boastn Christ Alone, "Beau                                                      DAM: BEhold God is in This Story

Blue smoke                                                                                                        Shell cameo

OS DNA testing : all normal/negative