Masterweaver PP And We Know, "Anja"

Anja in winter of 2021

Romans 8:28

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.


Anja is a silver mackerel tabby girl who has one of the best personalities ever! She is related to another girl, Victory, we had to spay but has same perfect personality! Anja is 4wd poly paw, with the big snowshoe type paws. She is however, the "boss" in the cattery and as long as all others accept that role, we do not have problems. She is mom to our most beloved cat ever, our young male Denali.

 She is out of a female of our own we sent to friends in Canada, and then bred to a lovely male from Europe, living in Canada. Pedigree is a real good mix. Health testing behind the parents is shown below. Thank you Judith Schulz for such a wonderful girl!  We adore this girl!


There is a political news program(banned by mainstream media) on and they tell you much of what is going on in the world. The program is called "And We Know" and it is why we named this beautiful cat this name.


Allegiancelove Jelani PP of Masterweaver                                                     Behold CrownofLifePP of Masterweaver

Silver tabby poly paw                                                                                       Bluesilver mackeral tabby poly paw

          Health Testing:                                                                                                   Health Testing"

Hips: OFA Prelim PASS with “Fair”                                                                   Both hips EXCELLENT Nov. 30, 2021                                                  HCM Echo CLEAR November 30, 2021 (19 months)!                                      PKD Echo CLEAR Nov. 30, 2021

PKD Echo CLEAR November 30, 2021!                                                           Optimal Selection DNA testing clear with parents

”HCM” Gene Test: N/N through parent                                                              HCM Echo CLEAR, Nov. 30,2021

SMA Gene Test: N/N through parents                                                               Perfect Oral Health!

Well tested HCM, PKD tested ancestry!

Perfect Oral Health!