Beware of Scammers

Pet Scammers have entered our world in full force. What can be done to protect ourselves? Each day we hear of another person who put a deposit on a kitten or paid for a cat, only to be scammed. The scammers are liars and do not even own any pets. Stealing your money is their job and they watch, listen and then steal what they need, to provide a fake cattery. I will explain many items to watch for but since they truly like to steal and lie, they can change their ideals and make up a whole new set. You must be aware and awake. When you contact someone who shows photos of kittens, what do you do to trust there is a real kitten to adopt? References are one way so ask them to provide breeders and pet families who can speak of their cats/kittens. Ask what vet office they use and then google it to make sure it's a real place. Call them and ask about this person and their cats.

1. Look at their contract. Remember that these people steal photos, information and paperwork from real breeders. They promise the world. If you read a long contract and think maybe you are being promised everything, then beware. We all want a good contract but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

2. Look at their website. Some of the scammers use just instant media such a Facebook. Stolen photos and fake names/address are used so you do not know who they are. But when you look at a website, do you see people? Most stolen photos are of just cats so ask this person for new photos of the cat in their environment or with them holding the cat. Ask for videos with them holding the parent cat and playing with kittens. Do they have links to check out? Be sure to check them out and find out as much about the cats as you can.

3. Ask what vet office they use. Get the name and phone number. But then google it and make sure it is real and that the phone number is same as they gave you. Call them and ask about them and their pets. If you are not getting the right info, then move on and don't buy from this person.

4. You must be careful, but you do not need to be paranoid as there are many good breeders out there and they love their cats very much. Take your time to research breeders and just make sure they are what you want. If you spend time getting to know your breeder, it will be rewarding.

5. there is a website to report scammer fraud. The FBI needs help in finding these people so report any problems on this website. 


EXAMPLE of a scammer! I was given this information from a person who had given money for a kitten and then they disappeared, and no kitten was provided. Their contract is real long and promises everything. Their website however is easy to see problems with. The links on their homepage. Be careful if there are lots of cats shown, but no names/colors/sexes, or pedigree. No testing, no place as to where they came from. Then on their kitten page, they give a simple name, no color or age or parent names. They want you to buy a fake kitten, period. It's easy to see here that they want to LOOK good, but all the talk is about buying. They give guarantees that are not explained. See where it says 5-year health guarantee? If there is no kitten, then they are not guaranteeing anything. So, the whole point to this page is to make sure they are a real breeder. Go to testimonial page: all fake again. Stolen photos. Breeders worldwide need to go and see these photos and see if it is theirs. None of my own are there, but they are probably being stolen from Facebook. (cannot get pics to load here)