Behold Delight Yourself in the Lord, "Denali"

Denali is a shaded silver male and very much loved! He has a perfect personality and adores every human he can get to. We hope that one day when his hormones come in, that he stays this sweet. He is a replacement for his beloved daddy Enoch. Because Enoch was red and many of our girls had red in them, we got too many red boys and way too many red girls.  A few is a good thing, but he over did that.  So, his dark colored son, Denali, will replace him. Photo below shows him at 5 months of age.

CatScan DNA: all normal/negative

SIRE: Sanacoonpride Enoch Walked with God

"Enoch" Shell cameo male

DNA testing: PKdef carrier, rest is normal/negative

DAM: Masterweaver PP And We Know

"Anja" Silver mac tabby poly paw female

(parents all dna tested negative/normal)