This third group are Praylyne prefix cats. Some cats (on each page) we are unable (at this time) to find or get a photo of. But we are hoping to get one to share so keep an eye out for those. Praylyne is a line we started after working in new foundation for a few years (first ones are kumskaka).  When we would bring in a new F1, or keep a new line F2, we use this cattery name. Then once to F3, we went to CFF and registered in Behold name. (or in older ones, we did kumskaka) I used to have a lot of photos of all cats but did not keep them. Now that I am looking, I am finding many poor quality photos. I will replace the ones I have below if I am able to find better ones.

P1-Adam, In the Beginning of Praylyne (sire to Anne, Ami) F1 (Gen 1:1)
P2-Ami, Praylyne True Blue American (F2)

(PSALMS 33:12)
P3-Anne, Praylyne What Manner of Love (F2)

(1John 3:1)

P4-Blaze,3/30/2002, Praylyne Blazing Glory, (Matt5:16)

P5-Blizzard, 4/3/2003, Praylyne Storm P Clouds

(Matt 24:30)

P6-Clare, Praylyne Declares the Glory, (F2) (Ps 19:1)

P7-Disciple, Disciple of all Nations of Praylyne (F1) (Matt 28:19)
P8- Fatty, Faith Lift of Praylyne (F1) (Is 41:10)
P9-Faithy, Faith Walk of Praylyne (F1) (2 Cor 5:7)
P10-Floey, Overflowing New Wine of Praylyne (F1) (Prov 3:10)
P11-Hymn, Hymn of Praise of Praylyne, (F1) (Heb 2:12)
P12-Jewel, Jeweled Fdn of Praylyne (F1)

(Rev 21:18-20)
P13-JoyJoy, No Greater Joy of Praylyne, (F1)

(3 John 4)
P14-Kara, 5/13/2000, Closer Walk of Praylyne (F2) (Col:1:10)

P15-Luke, Luke 11:28 of Praylyne (Tressa sire)
P16-Medley, Prayze Medley of Praylyne (dam to Anne, Ami) F1 (Ps 147:1)
P17-Michele, 9/9/09, Praylyne One Nation Under God

(2 Cron 7:14)

P18-Moses, Praylyne Basket Case (F2) (Ex 2:2-3)

P19-Pat, Direct the Path of Praylyne (sire to Treasure) F1, (Prov 3:5-6)
P20-Peacemaker, (sire to Kara) F1, (Matt 5:9)
P21Prudence, (dam to Kara) F1, (Prov 19:14)
P22-Philly, Phillippians 3:20 of Praylyne (Tressa dam)
P23-Treasure: 5/17/2002 Praylyne Word Treasures

(Ps 119:162)

P24-Tressa, 1/21/20, Praylyne Finds Great Treasure, (Matt 6:21)

P25-Bella, Praylyne Purrity

P26-Olivia, Praylyne Creation Beauty (F2)

P27- Cheesepuff, Creation Dawn of Praylyne