Neuter/Spays Available

This page is to show those cats who we have available for adoption, that are not young kittens. Sometimes we neuter or spay a breeding cat and once healed and relaxed, they become available at a reduced price. We also sometimes have older kittens (near a year of age) that we do not breed with and they also are sold at reduced pricing.

MIA, torti poly female, will be available by end of April 2023. She is very affectionate and a unique cat. She holds her tail over her back nice and snug which is funny. That shows she is happy which is most all the time. she has HUGE poly paws and will get her thick coat back once spayed. She is nursing 6 lovely babies right now and will be spayed about March 21st.  $1300 as a spay.


We will be neutering our huge blue smoke male, Beau. We absolutely adore him! He is not handling his hormones too well and will be neutered March 21st. Once he has a month to relax, he will become available. This is truly one of the biggest and best boys we ever had. He was so relaxed and easy going before hormones, so we will be happy for this to happen again. $1800 as a neuter.