This is our last page called OTHERS.

Any cat we purchased, leased, or are of parents to cats we own...These are the cats we show here. 

O1-Angelo, 3/30/1994, Frolicoon Angelo of Kumskaka

O2-Anja, 6/14/21, Masterweaver PP And We Know,  (Rom 8:28)

O3-Beau, 4/6/21, Hissyfit Boastn Christ Alone, MC 

(1 Cor 1:31)

O4-Bennet, Nordic Breed PP We All Need Jesus,

(Phil 4:19)

O5-Blues, Monorcoons Blue Traveler of Havah, (sire of Devri)

O6-Canada, 10/10/2002, Canada Graceland of Prairiebaby (F1) (leased, mom of Michele)
O7-Cressida, 10/1/15, Prairiebaby PP Like A Bride, 

(Rev 19:7)

O8-Daina, 8/19/21, Agape Coming Day-of-the-Lord PP, (Matt 24:30-31)

O9-Desperado, 1/11/2005, Coonopry Desperado

O10-Devri, 4-20-2017, Havah Song-of-Praise of Behold

(Ps 150:1-6)

O11-Duty, Thunderpaws Deuteronomy 6:5, (Deut 6:5)

O12-Enoch, 7/8/21, Sanacoonpride Enoch Walked with God, (Gen 5:24)

O13-Frosty, 2005, Prairiebaby Mercy Spring Frost PP

O14-Heri, Mtnmaine Inheritance of Kumskaka

(Acts 26:18)
O15-Graceson, Mainetipey P Grace Unto You of Behold

(Phil 1:2)
O16-Halle, 11/22/06, Wackymoon Coon Glory Hallelujah (Rev 19:1)

O17-Hiawatha, 6-1986, Glenncourt Hiawatha of Kumskaka
O18-Honey, 2006, Bogycat's Honeycomb (Prov 16:24)

O19-Jelani, Allegiancelove JelaniPP Masterweaver (sire of Anja)
O20-Josey, 6/5/17, Havah Son-Kissed Day of Behold,

(Rom 16:16)

O21-Jorah, Monorcoons Finds Great Treasure

(Ps 119:162)

O22-Kassandra, Kassandra Davis Pride of Palace, (dam of Graceson)
O23-Lilianna, 2/4/10, Nektarcats Like A Lily of Kumskaka (Matt 6:28-29)

O24-Lisa, Lisa Don Coon, (dam of Enoch)
O25-Maddie, 11-28-1996, Doberg Madelyn
O26-Marina,1/26/1992 Kuhnbach Marina Klimova of Kumskaka

O27-Mia, 5/3/21, Mainetipey Meet Me In the Air PP,  (1Thess 4:17)
O28-Minuette, 3-9-82, Charmalot Blue Minuette of Kumskaka
O29-Mitch, Dynamicats One Special Mission (Matt 28:19)

O30-Muskie, Dirigo Muskie
O31-Narnia, Lorek Narnia Fi, (sire of Enoch)
O32-Ozzy, Ozzy P de la Terra de Brasco, (sire of Graceson)
O33-Penshe, Purrocious Penshewa Kumskaka
O34-Purdy, 12/11/2013, Wackymooncoon PPursue Purity of Behold (2 Tim 2:22)

O35-Puzzle, Wackymoon Coon Cross Words, (sire to Twinkle) (Col 1:20)

O36-Reino, 5/25/2000, Kaleva Reino

O37-Revy, 10/13/2002, Dynamicats Sunday P Revivel (Acts 3:19-20)

O38-Riptide, Riptide of Agape, (sire of Daina)
O39-Sonflower, 2000, Prairiebaby Walk in the Light,

(Eph 5:8)
O40-Smaug, 5/1/2007, Wackymoon Coon Smaug P of Kumskaka, (F2) (LOR)

O41-Smokey, Kellycoon Tecumwah of Kumskaka
O42-Sparkey, 1991, Tuftsntails Spark Plug of Kumskaka

O43-Sportsman, Dirigo Sportsman (leased)
O44-Sugar, Marala Silver Grey Ghost (dam to sparkey)
O45-Summer (1998) Four Paws Summer Tiger of Kumskaka (f2) (dam to Duty)

O46-Sundae, 8/27/21, Ljcoolcatz Super Supreme Sundae,

O47-Tecumseh, Glenncourt Tecumseh of Kumskaka
O48-Theo, 2007, Coonplay Theodan King (LOR)

O49-Thyme, 1996, Thunderpaws Savation Thyme of Kumskaka (Isaiah 12:2)

O50-Tony, Leana Special Agent DiNozzo,(NCIS tv show)

O51-Trumpet, 5/9/16, Milacoon Behold the Trumpet Call, (1 Thess 4:16)

O52-Waters, 1998, Northstar Still Waters of Kumskaka (Ps23:2b)

O53-Wynter, 2009,Prairiebaby Harvest Rain PP

(Deut 11:14)

O54-Yosie, Dynamicats Yosemite

O55-Zech, 6/15/10, Shaycoon Peace Upon Israel!,

(Ps 122:6)

O56-Beau Sire,
O57-Night, Night Light P of Wackmoon Coon (F1) (sire of Smaug)

O58-Northstar Nova (dam to Waters)

O59-Thor, Niwot Thor Thunderpaws of Coonplay(sire to Theo)

O60-Ember, Yaheska Aerial Emberlee of Coonplay (dam to Theo)

O61-Harvest, Prariebaby Hope for Harvest (sire to Wynter)

O62-Rayn, Prairiebaby Mercy Sweetspringrain PP, (dam to Wynter)

O63-Yousi, Justcoons I came for You of Shaycoon (sire to Zak)

O64-Justcoons Just Good News, (dam to Zak)

O65-Bilbo, Prairiebaby Watch the River Dance PP

O66-Winky, Wackymoon Coon's Winky (dam to Smaug)

O67-Whalebear, Prairiebaby Hope Springs Eternal P, (Sire to Frosty)

O68-Charlotte, Prairiebaby Rest in Fields of Grace (dam to Frosty)

O69-Jericho, Prairiebaby Come to the River (sire to Bilbo)

O70-Jelly Roll, Prairiebaby Rise up and Dance Pp, (dam to Bilbo)

O71-Troy, Alwaro Troy (sire to Lilianna)

O72-Ice, Hannibal's Red Ice (dam to Lilianna)

O73-Tigger, Bogycat's Xenos of Prairiebaby (sire to Michele)

O74-Peepers, Glenncourt Tamaha of Kumskaka

O75-Rocky, Wackymoon Coon Little Rock P (sire to Hallie)

O76-Odo, Shubunkin Odo (sire to Puzzle)

O77- Caddy, Yankee Pearl's White Cadillac (sire to Yosie
O78-Sunny, Indiana Sunrise Child of Maine (dam to Yosie)

O79-Elle, Hissy Fit Ella (dam to Beau)