Pedigree photos

I have been breeding Maine Coon cats for 38 years (as of December 2023) and have so many photos and pedigrees. I am attemtping to put most online for others to see, should they choose to do so. Some are old printed photos, some are on thumb drives and some are on cd's. So this will take awhile for me to sort and figure them out. I may be working on this for awhile. I will be dividing this into 4 groups.... BEHOLD line, KUMSKAKA line, PRAYLYNE line and OTHER line (these are cats I bought, leased or of parents of cats that I own with "other" prefix on name).

If anyone sees a photo and the name for it is not correct or you think maybe wrong cat, please let me know. Many of my photos have nicknames on the back, not the registration name. Some have nothing wrote on the photo. So a lot of what I am doing is guesswork. Some cats I totally remember and others I cannot remember a thing. I have some I loved and showed but I only remember the call name and some fun details about them but I am not sure of registration name. So these pages may be in works for few years now. Just something I will enjoy doing. I assume I will retire from breeding in few years or so, so this may be something just for myself to look back on and remember. If you have questions on any of this, please ask.  You may notice that I name my cats mostly from Bible verses. I truly enjoy this and have done it for a long time. Sometimes I sell a cat and then buy them back so they do not have Biblical names, but we love them anyhow. Enjoy looking them each up if you want.....

Cats in orange are present breeding cats.

The ones I am starting with are listed alphabetically, but as I find others I want to add, they will be added to bottom of list. I am having some fun with this, and hope you can enjoy just seeing some of the beautiful Maine Coons we have been blessed with. Praise the Lord Jesus!

This first group are BEHOLD prefix cats. 

Put curser over the photo and it will show its code. Then on right side, the code will tell you the details on this cat.


B1-ALLYN, 3/19/19, Behold All in the Name Jesus PP  (Phil 2:10)

B2- ARMOR, 6/3/20, Behold PPut on Armor-of-God, (Eph 6:13-18)

B3-ATARAH, Behold Crownoflifepp at Masterweaver (Dam of Anja) (Isaiah 61:3)

B4-BLESSING, 2012, Behold Windows of Heaven Open PP (Rom 8: 16-17)

B5-BOMBA, 4/9/13, Behold You Raise Me Up         (Ps 41:10)

B6-BREA, 3/1/18, Behold Breath Praises the Lord  (Psalm 150:6)

B7-BREES, 12/13/12, Behold An Everlasting Love (Jer 31:3)

B8-BRINA, /13/14, Behold the Glory of the Lord, (Psalm 104:31)

B9-CARYS, 3/12/15, Behold I Cast My Cares on Jesus,(1Pet 5:6-7)

B10-CHANI, 5/16/20, Behold Queen Aryia,

B11-DENALI, 7/23/22, Behold Delight Yourself in the Lord, (Psalm 37:4)

B12-DUCKLEE, 3/26/2011, Behold the Meaning of Life (Ps 139:13-16)

B13-ECHO, 8-29-2021, Behold Lady Echo of Agape (dam of Daina)

B14-ELLE, 7-21-2015, Behold An Elegant Lady of Havah (dam to devri)

B15-EUSTACE, 5/5/11, Behold When God’s People Pray, (Jas 5:16)

B16-EVA, 3/19/23, Behold PP In the Beginning,    (Gen 1:1)

B17-FAITH, Behold What Faith Can Do PP (Eph 2:8)

B18-GRACY, 10/1/21, Behold PP Make All Grace Abound, MC (2 Cor 9:8)

B19-HEIHEI,  4/13/18, Behold Have You Not Heard?, (James 5:8)

B20-JACEY, 4/12/19, Behold My Living Hope, 

(1 Pet 1:3)

B21-JOLENE, 6/28/21, Behold Good News-of-Great Joy, (Luke 2:10)

B22-JOYSON, 4/12/19, Behold the Joy-of-the-Lord,  (Psalm 67:1)

B23-KAULIE, 1/3/2016, Behold Salvation's Calling (Acts 4:12)

B24-LULU, 12/18/12, Behold Joy Jumping, 

(Psalm 150)

B25-LYRIC, 1/20/20, Behold PPraise Beyond the Music, (Psalm 149:1)

B26-MALACHI, 4/20/18, Behold PPour Out Such Blessings, (Malachi 3:10b)

B27-NATE, 4/29/2010, Behold the Anthem of Nations,(2 Cron:7:14)

B28-NERISSA, 12/01/1995, Kumskaka Scripture Paige, (2 Tim 3:16)

B29-OHWEN, Behold Oh When We See Jesus, (1John 3:2)

B30-OLLIE, 4/13/10, Behold Our Lord Reins,

(Ps 97:1-5)

B31-RACIE, 5/28/16, Behold I have Run the Race PP, (2 Tim 4:7-8)

B32-RYLEIGH, 6/13/18, Behold and PProclaim Truth, (Mark 16:15)

B33-SHIRA, 1/23/21, Behold ElShaddai, (means God is Almighty)

B34-SHJON, 8/21/15, Behold PP Show Me Your Ways Lord,(Psalm 25:4-5)

B35-STORY, 7/7/22, Behold God is in This Story, (song from Katy Nichole) (2 Tim 3:16-17)

B36-TRUTI, 12/4/20, Behold PPursue Scriptural Truth, (John 16:13-14)

B37-VICTORY, 5/31/19, Behold Your Name is Victory PP,(song by Bethel) (Deut 20:4)

B38-ZALE, 7/17/2012, Behold Surprize Dream PP

B39-Graham, Behold the Praises of Creation PP

B40-Flynn, Behold the Purpose PP of Wackymoon