Items for Sale

We have various items that we sell, if anyone has interest. If you see something you like, then send me a note on email,  Give me your email and I will send an invoice for you to pay. We can either mail them to you or you can pick up here at our home (if you live local or have a kitten to pick up for instance). We have a page of handmade kitty blanket/quilts, so if interested there, just write down the number from the tag and we will add it to your order.

This is my book. If you want a signed                             We buy medium airline approved soft

copy, they cost $25 plus $4 shipping                                carriers. If you have need we resell them

  (media rate)                                                                      for $75. Various colors and brands


We sell a 5# bucket of frozen raw meat, but will                  We have a few American fur beds

not ship it. Only for pick up. This is for someone                   still available. My cats have use of

who is not sure they want to make and then feed                 most of them. They fit into a Vari-Kennel

a raw feed diet. $35                                                              100 size carrier. $25