Foundation cat photos in our pedigrees

Due to having to redo my cattery website twice over the past few years, I have lost much of my files and photos. I will, however, be searching for them on old thumb drives and on paper files, stacked away and not organized. This page is an attempt for you to see cats, added to long pedigree show lines, that helped bring inbreeding coefficients down. 

I am finding some of my old photos unmarked on the back and others have minimal markings that are hard to read now. I may think I know who the photo is of, but understand I am giving it a good guess. If later on I find I am mistaken, it will be corrected then. If you see otherwise someplace online, please send me information link so I can get it all corrected.

I also had a bit of a bad habit when I was working heavy in foundation lines: I did not always keep photos of the F1 cats. Unsure if they would be kept, I sometimes waited until later to get photos and many I guess I did not take. So many of my photos are from their children who are F2's. You have to understand that when working in foundation, sometimes a couple years in, we would neuter/spay the cats and place in pet homes. Back then you paid for photos to be developed and they did not always turn out to be good photos to even keep, if we did take some. So, photos were taken more of cats we were sure to keep in breeding program and then children we chose to then keep. So, it is possible this directory of foundation line photos won't be thoroughly done. Sorry. I also will be posting cats as I find their information, thus they will not be oldest ones first. In fact, many of the cats from the 90's may be last except for a one or two.

Over the next year I hope to keep finding more and more information to add here. I started breeding with first foundation cats back in the 90's and thus all of this will be a bit older.


F2: Praylyne's Word Treasures                          SIRE: F1, Direct the Path of Praylyne

"Treasures" ,Bluecream, (2002)                         "Pat", Black/white (1999)           

                                                                            DAM: F1, Jeweled Fdn of Praylyne

                                                                           "Jewel" Blue-silver mac torbie (1999)

                                                                            (we kept this girl a long time, shown above)

F2: Praylyne's Blazing Glory                                        Praylyne Storm P Clouds

"Blaze", Brown mac torbie, 2002                                  "Blizzard", Blue/white van poly, (2003)

SIRE: Hymn of Praise of Praylyne                               SIRE: Thunder P Voice of Praylyne

"Hymn", Red mac tabby, (2003)                                   "Thunder", Brown mac/white poly (1999)

DAM: No Greater Joy of Praylyne                                DAM: Whirlwind of Praylyne

"Joyjoy", Brown mac tabby/white                                    "Whirley", Black/white

F2: Praylyne Basket Case    (2006)                              F2: Praylyne Declares the Glory (2002)

"Moses", Red mac/white                                              "Clare", silver mac/white

SIRE: F1,Prayer Conditioned of Praylyne                   SIRE: F1, Disciple of all Nations of Praylyne

"Brownie", Brown mac (2005)                                      "Nat", Brown mac 

DAM: F1, Faith Lift of Praylyne (2005)                         DAM: F1, Overflowing New Wine of Praylyne

"Faith", calico                                                                 "Floey", silver calico

F1: Canada Graceland of Prairiebaby                          F2: Praylyne One Nation Under God

(Masterweaver)                                                             "Michele", brown mac/white

"Canada", brown mac                                                   SIRE: Bogycats Xenos

                                                                                       "Tigger" Brown tabby

                                                                                       DAM: Canada Graceland of  Prairiebaby

                                                                                        Brown mac tabby