Kitty Blankets for sale

I love to sew and quilt wall hangings and blankets for my kitties. Since I make more than I can use, I offer them for sale. I do not make much profit at all but am just trying to make enough to cover the costs of supplies. In the winter I really enjoy this hobby. I sometimes take special requests but those can cost more. And any wall hanging we can get trim for bottom (or tassels etc) but the cost of those right now is pretty high so will add to your blanket/wall hanging. I don't usually put them on at the start because cats will chew them off. If you are for sure putting on wall, where they are safe, then we can talk about the decoration. If you see any that you want, send me an email at or get on facebook to my main page, Phyllis Stiebens. Give me your email and I will send an invoice email for you to pay. Once paid, I will mail out to you.


Some of our blankets are scrap blankets and we keep many of those ourselves. Right now just one left for sale. Then we have a couple collage ones, where we cut up fabric and tried to create weird art. It was total fun! (2 of those left)


CAT BLANKETS: some are with kitty panels, some have other animals, and there are even some made with scraps. We use those a lot.