Upcoming Planned Litters

We have quite a few litters planned for the month of January. After having many months of no pregnancies on some girls and then other girls having just one or two babies, I am in need of lots of babies. (Remind me of this if each one surprises us with large litters, oh my).  Graceson is the dad to each of these and 3 of the 4 girls we witnessed a mating or two, so we are hoping for some lovely babies in middle of our cold Alabama winter (cold for southerners!)

If you want to be put on a waiting list for a kitten of a certain color/gender, let us know. Or if you just want us to contact you when we get babies and you can hear all the details then, we can put your name on the contact list.


This is Graceson Summer of 2022. He is now a full year older and we need to get few more photos. He is a very big handsome fellow with a scary expression, but such an easygoing personality! He is a poly paw male.

LYRIC is a silver mackerel torbie poly paw                                                    STORY is a shell cameo poly paw

She is due with first litter, early January                                                            She is due with next litter, week after Lyric

We expect Silver tabbies, Blue tabbies, Black                                                  All her boys will be shades of red. Red tabby, Cameo tabby

smokes, Blue smokes as well as red mixed in                                                  Cream tabby, Shell cameo (like herself)

with girl babies. Boys can also be in red, cream or                                             Girl babies will be torti's and torbies of various colors

cameo tabby.

LYRIC is silver mac tabby poly paw                                                                 SUNDAE is a brown torbie/white

Not sure if she is PG yet but if so will be mid Jan                                              Not sure if she is PG yet but if so will be mid Jan

No reds in kittens in this group.  And she does not carry solid                           We can get brown tabby, silver tabby, red tabby (boys only)

so only tabbies in this group.                                                                               cameo tabby, black smoke etc, with and without white