Babies for sale: page 2 (American Idioms theme)

As of today, August 30th, we have 2 kittens available from Tressa, and 2 kittens from Truti. They are turning 8 weeks.

Paint a Picture (means to explain something in great detail)

is a cameo classic tabby/white female.

This girl is very outgoing and just happy about life. She always makes me smile when I sit with the group. She is always right up front getting into everything! She is a very quiet and happy girl! She gets prettier every week.

She just turned 12 weeks old and is now ready to go to new home. Pet price is $2000

Tressa x Enoch




With Flying Colors (means triumphantly)

is a bluesilver ticked torbie female. 

Colors is a real fuzzy girl with real beauty that photos cannot show. She is total fun and active. The only time I do not see her getting into things is when she is falling asleep. She never meows (normal for most maine coon cats) so she is a quiet busy girl. Lots of affection already. She just turned 12 weeks and pet price is $2000

Tressa x Enoch




Armed to the Teeth

is a shell cameo male (looks white but is a red tabby)

Armed is a very pale and beautiful male, and will look like daddy Enoch. Plus he already has nice tall ears and long body which we are thrilled with. Pricing will be higher for this fellow but he will be worth it to be in a rare and handsome coloring!

Truti x Enoch

Eleventh Hour

is a red ticked tabby female

Eleven is a very dark beautiful red color. She stands out with that coloring and big ears! She is a very pretty young lady. She just turned 12 weeks and is now ready to go. Pet priced at $2000

Truti x Enoch